Hailing from Afghanistan, UK-based makeup artist Nushafarin Saidi has caught the attention of beauty fans across Instagram with her bold and experimental flair. Her fearless use of colors and quirky designs are a perfect example of the limitless possibilities of makeup. Check out our exclusive interview and some of our favorite looks by her below.

SHEER: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your first introduction to makeup?

NUSHAFARIN SAIDI: I’m a 24 year-old Pharmacy graduate that loves losing track of time doing creative makeup! I have always been a little bit girly and I remember being interested in my moms makeup when I was around 5. It wasn’t till my teens that I actually started wearing some makeup.

SHEER: When did you start taking your makeup skills more seriously and begin developing your Instagram page?

NS: I have always loved being creative and I enjoyed makeup, but it wasn’t until my final year of university that I discovered my love for creative makeup. I would get home late after a long evening in the library but would still be excited to do my makeup and get into a flow state. After this I knew I found a passion which transports me away from mundane life, and that I had to invest more time and effort to give it an actual chance to shine. This is when my Instagram was born. 

SHEER: What makes your looks so popular online is the abstract artistic approach you use which feels a lot more fun and authentic than what we’re used to seeing from most beauty bloggers. How did you develop your style of “creative makeup”? 

NS: There is an art to Instagram glam makeup, however, I have never been drawn to it. I enjoy simple makeup with a creative twist which is eye-catching. This may have something to do with my own personality, I love all things weird and wonderful and could never see myself staying inside the box. My looks are usually straightforward to do but tend to be unique in their shape and/or concept. 


SHEER: What are you favorite places to shop for makeup products? And what are your favorite makeup brands?

NS: I don’t really have one single place I buy makeup. I actually try my best to avoid buying, it is very easy to get sucked into new makeup launches, where I already own something very similar. I try to get creative and utilise what I already have! When I do buy makeup, I try and shop consciously and have recently been loving Lush! I only recently discovered their cosmetics which are majorly underrated. They stock a huge selection of makeup items which are actually a dream to work with. They are also a very conscious company (eithical buying policies, avoid wasteful plastic use and so much more!) which means I can support them and my passion guilt-free! Another brand I also love is Fenty Beauty by Rihanna, a brand that represents ALL women with high quality and innovative makeup. 

SHEER: Is there a particular era or style icon that inspires your makeup creations or do you prefer to curate your looks entirely on your own?

NS: The era that probably influences my makeup looks is the current period. Daily, I am exposed to stunning work created by amazing artists which inspires my looks. 

SHEER: Are there any beauty trends you’re excited to try this year or put your own spin on? 

NS: I have recently purchased neon green eyeshadow to finally jump on the neon bandwagon. I can’t wait to create something even brighter than usual! 

SHEER: What products must someone have in their makeup bag to create the perfect eye makeup look? Whether for a simpler look or more experimental, what are the key essentials for prepping and maintaining? 

NS: I would say the key item in a makeup bag to create the perfect creative eye look is a bright coloured eyeliner pen. A bright colour can be used to add a spin to the classic black eyeliner. Or it can be used unconventionally for a more avant garde look. 




“Here is a recent look I did where I discovered an easier way of applying glitter to an eye look. I started by priming my lids with some concealer (Revolution Makeup London, Shade C10.5) then applied a matte blue eyeshadow (Blush Tribe the Hasina 2 Palette) with a short flat brush. I then applied various dark shimmery blue eyeshadows (Violet Voss x Nichol Concilio and Stila Magnificent Metals eyeliner in metallic navy). Finally I applied glitter primer (NYX glitter primer) and used the back of a brush to pat on glitter. I find this works better than a brush since the glitter doesn’t get stuck in the hairs of the brush and it can easily transfer exactly where you want it offering more control.”